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Thread: Plesk or Helm

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    Question Plesk or Helm

    Which one do I go with?

    Windows 2003 server

    I'm having a hard time choosing beetween the 2.

    Or are there any other recommendations?


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    Nobody can help me out?

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    I recommend HELM

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    Why not consider ensim pro for windows too?
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    I use Helm before but I have a very hard time to configure and learning it but when you are use to Helm, it is an user friendly and "sexy" looking software. Right now I'm using Plesk and I love it .... Easy to use.

    PS: If you want a billing software to come with the control panel, maybe you should choose Helm.

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    We sell them both on our windows 2003 dedicated servers. I sell more Helm than Plesk. That is all I know , not sure which is really better, I do know Plesk has been around longer.

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    Pretty happy with Plesk so far. We did a review of control panel solutions last month, but didn't review Helm:
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    Do a search on Helm, I could have sworn I heard some nasty feedback on it.

    Plesk is a solid product however, I use it on my Linux box.

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