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    Question To become a reseller or not?


    Our company is going to provide not exactly just a web-hosting - it's more like turnkey solutions for business owners wo are not really strong in technology. Our services will include domain registration if a company doesn't have one. Domain price is not an issue here as we can charge pretty high price on that since we will be doing all setup ourselves.
    So, the point is - we want to register the domains in the name of our clients but would prefer not to tell them who is a registrar.
    We are considering going with domain reseller opportunities available. However, the volumes won't be high so there should be no deposit, no upfront costs, no volume commitment. Price is not an issue (as long as it's reasonable ) The only point is not to show the clients how much we are making out of the registration.

    I will greatly appreciate any suggestions regarding where to get reseller account from. Maybe other suggestions? Thanks.

    P.S. No need for any extra features. Just ability to simply change ns's. Plus easy registration and mngmt interface.
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    You probably here this again but eNom sounds like the best fit here. The key word you mentioned is "are not really strong in technology" which means that they will know by the whois record that you are an eNom reseller but they will also see that eNom charges $29.95.

    a) free $8.95 accounts are everywhere.
    b) You can give your customers complete control or no control depending on whose account the domain resides in.
    c) no volume penalties or restrictions.

    Go with one of the other reseller programs and your customers will see that they can by-pass you and possibly save some money.

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    I would also say enom...

    You can start with a enom $8.95 reseller account and when your client base grows you can consider going directly to enom and become an ETP.
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    yup, def enom at least on the whois your own company name will appear as the registration agent ...

    short of becoming an icaan approved registrar, there's no way of completely hiding the fact you are a reseller ...
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