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    Template up for Bid

    I have a Tech Template that I'm looking to sell.

    Here is a screen shot of it:

    Please note, I'm not the original Designer, I bought it for a site, but never went live with it. You will recieve full rights, and everything that I recieved from the original designer.

    You get 2 PSD's (index and sub page)
    Sliced + Coded in php (just index)
    Full Rights

    Only reasonable bids will be considered.

    I reserve the right to cancel bids or not accept them. If I feel that this auction does not meet the dollar amount I'd like it to I reserve the right to not sell it.

    Starting Bid: $50 USD ** Bid amounts must be in USD **

    Payment Methods: Paypal, or Postal Money Order

    If you have any questions please email me at [email protected]

    I will only take dollar bids, no templates, nothing besides money.

    Joseph Blossom

    (Edit: URL Corrected)
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    Link not working....

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    Something seems to be wrong with my host.... I can access the index of all my pages, just no folders or any other page.... and that seems to be the case with their webpage too.

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    Here is the link that the designer had: (same template)

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    uh oh... Disenabled user??


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    Its a custom title, I can change it as I please, I chose to put disenabled user,

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    is this a unique layout?

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    Yes it is a unique layout. Never used on a live site before.

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    Done, Decided to sell it a different way.

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