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    Help Required Securing Folders in IIS

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a master domain name that has an SSL certificate installed. I am going to be selling subfolders within that domain. However, i need advice on how to secure each folder from other users. If it was an independent domain then it would have been a problem, as I have turned off Parent Paths that doesnt allow people to use ../ and also doesnt allow full path e..g c:\domains etc.

    However, because of the fact that I am selling subfolders it can be quiet an issue, because someone can just use a virtual path and put a / symbol to start from the root of that folder, and as a result can go into other peoples folders etc.

    Please can someone advise me on how to secure such a domain and possibly any tutorial links on such issues.

    Many thanx in advanced.


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    So you only want to allow authenticated access to the web pages in the following format as opposed to annonymous

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    yes that is correct, but i want to make sure every customer is secured from malicous scripting by other users.

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