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    PHP Coder Needed For order Forms

    My business partner is looking for help on order forms. If you believe you can help please contact him with the informtion below. This IS a paying job.

    FusionVoice is taking bid's for an order system based off of the servermatrix ordering system.

    Here is waht my partner is looking for:

    My name is Peter, and I am the owner of We offer Ventrilo VOIP server, dedicated Gameservers and WebHosting.

    My post is NOT a solicitation - rather, we are updating our website, and I am trying to create an order form for our dedicated server section. Essentially, I want a list of options with drop down menus, that tally the total in a textbox on screen, and then can pass that information to a form (and also to a custom Paypal subscription form - basically change the total cost in a Paypal "form" link) in order for a customer to signup for service.

    I can create a drop down form, no problem. I can make it submit where I want it to - but I'm a designer, not a programmer. So the more complex stuff, I can't write. However, I can modify and debug, once it's written (kinda like, I can't speak <foreign language here>, but I can understand it.)

    I'd be willing to negotiate a flat fee for some expert out there to help me create one of the order forms, and explain to me how it works, so that I can expand it to other products myself in the future.

    If anyone is interested, please send me an email at [email protected] with your contact info, plus some examples of similar work you have done out there in the world.

    Or, post here and I'll follow up"

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    Please PM me or email (chris [at] with any more specifications you can provide and I'll get you a quote.

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    We can do that for you, however styl-x studios is rather pricy so if you can go with a one man company I should go with them...

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