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    Dedicated Hard Worker Seeks Online Job

    Hello, my name is Tyler Leisher and I am looking for a Game Server company, web hosting company, or any other line of work that will allow me to work online from home and earn a steady paycheck.

    I am very dedicated and hard working, and a willing learning. I can work in just about any field you would need me to.

    I am also interested in writing or editting things for gaming websites, or other journalism websites, however not for free.

    Tyler Leisher

    - Proficiant in the English Language and proper grammar.
    - Average: B in Junior Year
    - Understands complex equations
    - Average A in Junior Year
    - Very quick with mental math
    - Understands the math of the business world.

    - Average B In Junior Year
    - Understands the human psyche and what makes people act the way they act.
    - Good people skills, knows what a person wants.

    - 90 Words Per Minute Average
    - Proficent in computer languages:
    - HTML
    - PHP (small Instances)
    - Prificiant in computer hardware

    - Speaks clearly
    - Uses proper grammar
    - Interacts well with others

    - Interested in business
    - Understands business concepts

    - Can bring a great atmosphere and entertainment to your company selling more and bringing back customers
    - Great people skills
    - I've been designing web pages since I was 8 years old, I'm not advanced in flash although I know some of it. I can do complex websites, simple websites but I'm not that strong when it comes to graphic design.
    - I used to run my own server company, and I can set up servers on a linux machine. It may take me a little getting used to again however but I can do it.
    - I'm available almost all day and on the computer and able to sell your product. I've had prior sales experiance
    Tech Support
    - I am excellent at helping people with their problems and overall have a great personal attitude and awsome person-to-person conduct.
    - I've run over 8 sites, all of which have flourished under my managment, I can control a team of people and get them to do their jobs to their fullest extent.

    - Computers
    - Music
    - Online Gaming
    - Business
    - Movies
    - Anime

    Thank you for taking the time to review my resume, I look forward to hearing from you.

    Tyler Leisher

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    We may be able to use your help

    Would you be interested in selling?

    I own a printing company in Canada. We are launching an online service in 60 days and are in need of a sales agent - Online.

    There are 2 revenue angles here: Retail - Trade

    1. TRADE - This person is responsible for finding graphic artists and designers located in North America and getting them to resell our printing services. The designer will now be able to buy all the products we offer at wholesale pricing.

    2. RETAIL - Every business in the world needs a great printing company. You job is to get them to our Web site and signed in as members.

    In both cases, you earn commisions on every purchase that the customers make.

    Let me know if you are interested and how you think you would go about getting business owners or graphic designers to use our services.

    All the best,

    Phil Knight
    Modern Media

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