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    do any Win hosts offer multiple admin/ftp accounts

    Preface: I am a reseller who is extremely happy with my current plan, host company and program. I don't want to hear about other reseller plans. I am a developer who only hosts my own clients.

    One of my best customers is moving from in-house hosting of their 27mb DMX site site. The site is actually hosted by a partner company and outside their network. I've been trusted with presenting all options and have no issue with losing the hosting income if they decide to use a high availability/higher cost host.

    So to my subject. I manage this site on their server with the same single ftp account used by the client. When I host on my service I ftp via my admin account and my clients who do edit use their ftp accounts. My windows offering can have only one ftp user which I think is standard on windows hosting but I effectively have a second user, me.

    I'm looking at Interland, Media3 and others and very simply I'm wondering if any offer windows plans with multiple ftp access in the lower end plans or is it purely a function of windows server not allowing this access? thanks for reading and responding.

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    Any Windows hosting provider can give you this facility. If your current control panel does not allow multiple ftp accounts then your can manually drope a support ticket, i am sure they will make your another ftp account manually.

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    Originally posted by r2h
    manually drop a support ticket, i am sure they will make your another ftp account manually.
    Uh! Come to think of it, I guess I knew that.

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