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  1. #1 did anyone try it?

    hi everyone here
    I was wondering if anyone tried to host with this company
    I am changing my host cause i had some troubles with the old hosting company
    my contract with them will finish in about a week
    a friend of mine adviced me to host my sites with cause he is hosting his site with it for 2 months with no troubles,he said good service ,active support and strong fast servers.

    What do u think?

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    well looking at the page one thing that would bother me is the signup. Looking at their packages when it comes time to order you, you have the option of signing up for 1,2, or 3 years.
    I dont know if they have some other sort of thing they can work out with you, but I suggest not paying 1 year in advance.

    Edit: one more thing. Their broken English also does not get me excited to sign-up.

    Yes I know I dont type properly or spell everything correctly but this isnt my business. thanks.

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    Thx Cope for your reply
    I contacted them by email now and they said that monthly payment is also available and that it will be online in the site soon

    Also they said that there is 1 month money back grantee

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