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    Banner Design Service - $7.99 - Building Portfolio


    At PixelDot (, we're currently looking to build a large portfolio of banner work to better compliment some of our future plans for the company. I'll try to put as much information in this thread as possible so there won't be a need for much Q&A and we can get right to business

    Some Examples

    Choose from any of the following sizes...
    (to see these sizes as images, just as an example, click here)
    If a size is not listed, but you'd like that size done, please email [email protected] and I'll give you a quote based on the size.

    Generic Banners ($7.99 per banner)

    Small Banners ($5.99 per banner)

    Oversize Banners ($10.99 per banner)

    Sale Information

    Like I said, this is a sale to build our portfolio, it will not last forever

    We require the fee for the banner(s) be prepaid via PayPal to [email protected]. If you want to order, please calculate the total for the amount of banners you want, and the sizes you want, and send that payment to the address above.

    After your payment, in order to serve you best, please email [email protected] and include your paypal address (so we can track the order), and the following information for EACH banner you order:

    - Company / Product Being Advertised
    - URL to This Company / Product
    - Include any Logo Files You Want Displayed
    - Choose 'Static' or 'Animated' for the Banner Type
    - Describe how you want the banner to look (color scheme, audience being targeted)
    - Include the phrases you want on the banner, IE:
    -----> Frame 1: 10 GB Disc Space
    -----> Frame 2: 100 GB Bandwidth
    -----> Frame 3: We're the best hosting company ever
    -----> Frame 4:

    After we have this information, you'll receive your banners in 24-48 hours (most likely within 1 day). Please allow more time if you process a large order with us, we'll contact you after you send the details if that will be necessary.

    Please post any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you.
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