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    Adaptec 29160(n)

    The organisation for wich i work can now acquire a high volume of servers with an ADAPTEC 29160(N) SCSI U3W card.

    The servers are all equipted with 2 x 18 Gb SCSI HDD.

    We would like to run RedHat 9.0 on these servers and replace the current 18 GB drives with 4 x 36 Gb U3W drives.

    My Questions are:

    1. Is this Adaptec card supported by Redhat 9.0 out of the box?
    2. Does the card allow 4 drives of 36 gb?
    3. Any experiences with this card?

    Your help in this would be highly appreciated.

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    Never used it, but thats Adaptec's page about.

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    Thank you for your kind reply. Does anyone else have any experience with this card on Linux RH 9.0 ?

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