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    Smile Paid PHP Work: Extreme-Sport Site Searchable Community Database

    I am looking to implement a searchable community database on a not-for-profit website for an emerging extreme sport – parkour. It will list participants in that sport throughout the UK.

    I am looking for people / prices who would be willing to undertake the project detailed below. This is an outline spec. Full specification (2 page Word doc) available by e-mail from: contact (at) I am in the UK so payment by PayPal or other electronic form would be most suitable.

    It’s loosely similar to a dating-format site – but not similar enough to use anything that is already available. I am looking to pay up to about $50.

    Thanks in advance for your responses (time-scale / price / contact info).

    Matthew Blackwell


    *** User sign-up page

    Fields for entry of username (with availability check button), password (and confirmation), and around 15 other fields for entry of member information (text fields, drop-downs, check boxes and one text area).

    *** User sign-in page

    *** User modification page

    Displays the same fields as the user sign-up page but pre-populated with the users information.

    *** Search page

    Facilities to search the information members have supplied upon sign-up to find people matching those criteria. Some of these searches will be restricted (ie. not allow you to search for ‘any area’ in a location based search)

    There will also be some date calculations so that users can search for date related information (ie. only show users last logged in within six months)

    *** Results page

    Displays (some) user information for matches from searches.

    *** Admin search page

    To allow searching on ALL fields entered on the sign-up page. All fields on search to allow ‘any / ignore this field’ type searches.

    *** Admin results page

    Displays full user information for matches from searches.

    This page should also allow one click + confirmation deletion of users and resetting of user passwords.

    If it could allow adding of reserved usernames through an ‘interface’ that would be nice – but adding them to a file manually is acceptable.

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    I'm interested in doing the project for $50, and I'm fully capable of completing everything you outlined, but the only catch is I'm currently creating 2 other large PHP projects for other clients, so I will not be able to start on yours until their ETA, which is the 15th.

    If you don't find someone by then, send me a PM and I'll be happy to work with you on this.

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    If you can pay $75, I'll have it done this weekend. If it's not done by Monday morning (US Central Standard Time), $45. (Quote assumes specs similar to above and full specs will come quickly)

    PM me or email me (chris [at]

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    Thank you for replies.

    I have now selected someone to undertake the project.


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