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    hello ~

    i am a very novice webdesigner and i have a question i hope someone here can answer. i tried searching the forums here but since i don't quite know what i'm looking for i had no luck.

    i am designing a site for my friend's band and they want to have the frontpage updated once or twice a week with the newest show date and flyers. and a few other pages updated twice a month. this is a little more than i care to do for free and none of them knows anything about HTML. is there any way i can set up an auto-blog where they just have to change a text file on the server or send an email so that it appears on the webpage? i think i've heard of something like this but i'm just not sure how to go about it best.

    thanks for any help you may be able to give.

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    you don't need a script. just server side include:

    <!--#include virtual="textfile" -->
    check out the link at SSI Tutorial


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    Hi FogDucker.

    A blog is one thing, but when you're talkign multiple pages with different content you're looking at either a CMS or in you case, since you want simplicity, a really basic admin panel.

    I say this because

    1) It would be hard to format paragraphs to fit around images and the like with a simple text file if you're someone who doesn't understand HTML as you're client is.

    2) Most blogs are geared towards updating 1 page with different types of data. It would probably take multiple instances of a blog to update multiple pages. Again adding to the complexity of the project for your user.

    I see you aren't being paid for this, so I could design a quick easy to use admin panel (PHP and MySQL "or a text database") to update the pages for yor client via a web based interface for maybe a link back to my page or some free design services. I've custom coded my own blogging system Check it out at

    Please give a few more details on your problem as well. Maybe a link to the site?
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    Originally posted by jsfinn
    you don't need a script. just server side include:

    <!--#include virtual="textfile" -->
    check out the link at SSI Tutorial

    thank you very much. this seems like a nice, idiot proof way to solve the problem.

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