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    Question ModernBill - Sub-folders

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if anyone knew if it is possbile to set up accounts in ModernBill that are just sub-folders of my site?


    I know it won't do it by default and it will need a custom script to create the account but is it possible to use all the other functions of ModernBill such as invoicing etc on this type of set up?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Yes you could do this.

    ModernBill is just that, a billing application with modules that integrate into the API.

    Be warned, there is little to no docs on the API though.

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    Thanks for the reply...Yep I have the demo version installed and I think I may need to get some help on this...The help docs cover the basics but it does look complicated.

    Good to know that it is possible tho...Thats the main thing =)

    I also saw that with the latest version it is possible to track and charge for bandwidth...I posted another topic specifically about this but no replies, so I guess it is a tricky one too....

    Ah well it would be boring if it was all easy!

    Thanks again

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    The bandwidth tracker when I looked at it didn't work for cpanel, so if you use cpanel this feature wont work for you.

    The demo wont allow you to modify anything as the whole app is encoded, however the purchased version is 80% source code.

    I wrote a small module that doesn't have anything to do with hosting, but rather keeps track of clients who purchase my applications and then sends them the temp link to download the file.

    I also wrote the gateway module to integrate with my merchant account, it's very flexible.

    Just remember to put the script that creates the sub-folder outside of your public html folder

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    aaaw really?
    I do use c-panel infact...That is a there anyway around this? I don't really know how it works but I guess it is reading data from somwhere...Did you actually try or did it say it didn't work in the docs?

    I was planning on using PayPal with their IPN script to start with, once PayPal OKays the purchase the client folder would be created...

    The bandwidth thing is quite important...the feature seems pretty neat...If I can get it to work ...

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    I did try it, didn't work, but being that I have no need for it I never really cared.

    People in the forums are still asking for it, so I guess they still don't have a solution to it.

    Never really looked at how to get around it, like I say, never had a need for it.

    Feel free to PM me when you get started and if I can help I will with any API stuff, plus the forums at MB have some great users that help too.

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    Hi Tux-e-do,
    Thanks for the info.

    I guess it is not enough of a reason not to go with MB as it seems to be the best from my research...

    Thanks for the offer, I am getting there slowly. I only got the demo installed last night, so i am sitting looking at out mouth open....thinking, what does it all mean?

    Yep I need to buy it and get access to the forums over there...thanks again for your help!

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