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    All I want To Know Is About L3 Network!!

    I Feel L3 Network Is Fast & Stable!!
    Do Anyone Knows Which Dedicated Server Provider use that kind of bandwidth?
    Please Give me suggestion!!

    Thank You!!

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    Many people provide servers on L3 Network. Currently, L3 seems to have some trouble in the LA area, try to avoid that if possible. L3 does not have much of an Network to Asia.

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    Almost nobody does pure Level 3 networks. People combine Level 3 with lower end providers such as MFN/GBLX/Cogent/HE etc.. They do this to offset costs. I think just about the closest you could get to pure level 3 is for dedicated servers. If there are others, I do not know of them.

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    Have a look around datacentres in Europe. Level3 is far more commonly used for single homed traffic; also is more in line with other transit providers price wise due to the higher (than the USA) costs of transit generally found in Europe.

    I know for instance that Redbus Interhouse have just committed to a lot of Level3 bandwidth so as to resell to clients in their datacentres. It may be worth contacting them so that they can get you in touch with providers they know can offer you what you want.

    Good luck!
    Adam Harris
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    It is correct that Redbus Interhouse (Netherlands) bought a large amount of Level(3) bandwith. We currently are in progress of implementing it in our own network.

    As far as bandwith providers go, i think Level(3) is one of the best options around.

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