We're looking to add a cPanel server to what our company offers, but in order to make this financially realistic, we're looking to rent out half of one of our ensim servers as a reseller plan.

This reseller plan will get you

40 GB of Disc Space
350 GB of Monthly Data Transfer
99.8% Uptime
Ensim Pro 3.5 Control Panel
Unrestricted amount of Emails, MySQL DBs, Subdomains
Webalizer Stats
Frontpage Extensions
Ensim Power Tools
SSH Abilities (no root)
and more basic features..

The server is a Red Hat Linux 1.7 Intel Celeron with 512 Ram managed at EV1. It is not overloaded with websites, there is no high traffic sites on it at the moment, your space shell out is guaranteed (we will not oversell the server).

Terms of the Sale

Please read our full tos and aup at
We expect you to use the same terms of service and acceptable use policies (you can add whatever you want) if you plan to offer others hosting. This is simply because you are responsible for who you host, and if any of your hostees violate our T.O.S., your hostee will be held accountable according to our terms of service, and if it's not the TOS they agreed to on signup, you will be held accountable.

We offer no backup support for your reseller plan, that's an option you'll have to take care if you want to offer your clients that, since our backup solution is in-house, and is not at a level where we can handle your plan at the moment (there may be an offering for it in the future however). We offer technical support for you, but we expect you to handle your own clients if it is an issue that does not require our attention.

We'll install any software, mods, or whatever on the server that you require so long as it's in reason (ie: we'll install awstats for you if you wanted, but we won't change any security or php.ini settings that may effect the integrity or performance of the server).


We're looking to offer this plan at around $60.00 usd per month, which is at COST (from what we pay Ev1) payable by PayPal (we'll set it up in client exec for automatic invoicing). If this interests you, please pm or email me at [email protected] - First person to offer that price to us gets the plan, if we're not offered that price, we'll *consider* the next best offer.

Thanks, please let us know if you have any questions.