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    Has an * changed your opinion of a host?

    Has the fact that a host has been censored from wht ever swayed your decision to buy hosting from them, or changed your opinion of them?

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    I would definitely think twice about a host that was in poor relations with WHT.
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    When I first started looking for a host I didn't really care as long as it was cheap. After reading these forums for a bit I read enough horror stories about cheap hosts that just made me go with a reputable host (UH). UH is still pretty cheap though, but they have so many happy customers. Plus - you can always trust a host that has forums.

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    I always check WHT out before i go with a host. I always think twice about a host that has had a poor relationship with WHT.
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    1. The market segment served by WHT is small, and only a portion of the whole.

    2. There are a number of hosts where the host themsevles or their cients may never be on WHT (spoken, written, or otherwise).

    However, if some one is banned or otherwise, "*" out, then that's because they could not obey the rules.

    For that part, yes, it would change my opinion of the host.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    It is always good to check these forums out before choosing a host. If a host is banned from here usually it is because they have broke the advertising rules or mention unlimited space and bandwidth or they have scammed someone. But sometime someone could make one mistake and ne banned for a few days but I dont think they would sensor the url but I dont know.

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    We never censor URL's unless there are *many* repeat offenses and warnings. It takes a lot to actually get censored here.

    To answer the question by the thread starter, it certainly has changed my view of certain hosts. I would never go with a banned company, including those outside the hosting market.
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