Hello. Looking for a quality, inexpensive voice chat server for you or a client? We are a licensed host of Ventrilo servers, one of the leading multi-user voice chat programs on the market. You can learn more about Ventrilo at www.ventrilo.com.
The client is free, and our servers start at $5/month.
For the month of April, mention WHT when placing your order and save half off your first month.
Our servers include our proprietary admin panel which gives you access to most server settings. You also get your own status page that you can link to from your site.
Voice chat is a great way to talk to your clients, conduct meetings, or hang out with friends.
Here is a price breakdown:
11,025khz AM quality 50 cents/slot
22,050 FM quality $1/slot
44,100 CD quality $2/slot
For example, if you order 10 slots, up to 10 people can talk on your server at any one time.
For more information, visit http://www.streammadness.com or send me a PM.
Thanks for looking.