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Thread: Sigh @ Equivity

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    Sigh @ Equivity

    This post is kind of a vent/user beware post, cuz I'm a bit annoyed right now. Maybe someone can give me some advice...

    I have a reseller account with Equivity, the "reseller" is just a domain I don't care too much about. But I created an account for my main domain that has my website on it.

    I've had my domain for about 5 years, and over the years the spam has crept up. Recently some spammers started spamming random [email protected] I'm getting a LOT of spam.

    Anyhow, I got a note from Equivity demanding that I remove the domain from under my reseller account due to excessive spam. They gave me 72 hours. I replied back (because I'm hosting a charity event on my site right now that cannot be interrupted) asking for more time. Still waiting for the reply, but needless to say, I'm a little PO'ed about this.

    I'd love to not have spam, but I don't see what I can do about it. I changed my catchall address to fail (perhaps I should use discard?), and turned on spam assassin. I had spam assassin set to discard, but I was losing a lot of legit email.

    I'd love to hear suggestions, and maybe a point to a reseller host that won't kick me off for something I can't control.

    -Lyekka aka Jenn

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    I would see their point if the user/you was actually spamming off that domain but ive seen all the Spam emails that go around with other peoples domains on them (Forged of course) and its pretty obvious to know that its not really them sending it.

    I dont think its really fair to ask you to remove the domain because its receiving too much spam.. theres not much anyone can do to stop it these days.

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    I think they should counts is where (on which server) the spam originates, not what address it *appears* to be from.

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    In CPanel, set your default address to point to :blackhole:

    This should discard all your email that's not directed towards a created email address.
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    Yeah, I have undirected email set to blackhole, but Equivity says my domain is getting too much spam. I want to keep my domain so I guess I have to find a new provider.

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