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  • Webalizer

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  • Awstats

    16 59.26%
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    Which you think is more accurate

    which one you think is more accurate?
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    I believe they both parse your raw access logs.. so they should be about the same (one or the other may leave some things out, but who knows).

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    55 views with 1 reply......
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    Originally posted by DT-Spirit
    55 views with 1 reply......

    This may be better off in technical forum, maybe thats why no replies... just my 2c
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    I have a site that gets about 8,000 - 10,000 uniques a day and webalizer says it only gets 2000 a day.

    A few days ago I had over 30,000 uniques in one day and it still said I only got 2000 some visitors.
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    Originally posted by DT-Spirit
    55 views with 1 reply......
    Not many views because the subject line doesn't reveal anything about what the thread's topic is -- so, while some people read everything, some won't bother. I just happened across it; didn't read it the first few times I scanned past it because I thought it'd be some Lounge-typical chat about something silly.

    And yeah, it probably would have been better placed in the Web Hosting Forum.
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    mod maybe can move?
    sorry about that..
    I ask this because for me, there is quite a big difference between awstat and webstat.. that why I wonder which one is more accute for other people
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    I like to use AwStats over Webalizer. No real reason as they seem to track the same , but AwStats is organized so much better than Webalizer.

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    I also like AwStats over Webalizer, but I don't know how "more accurate" it is.

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