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Thread: Forum hosting?

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    Forum hosting?

    I'm looking for a stable hosting for my forum (vBulletin).

    My Requirements:
    PHP + MySQL support
    .htaccess support
    150M space minimum
    10G+ data transfers/month
    About $10/momth

    What's the best choice?

    Thanks in advance!!!

    Oh! I'm sorry for the post, I just noticed that hosting request is not allowed on this forum, but I don't know how to delete this post.
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    check out there cheap and have all the options your looking for, 7.95 a month i think it is, i personally dont have any experiance with them but maybe some other wht members could lend some info.

    800Mb space 40Gb transfer

    MySQL etc.

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    The mods will take care of it for you. do a search for forum hosting here and see what comes up/

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    i have been hosting my forum with for the past year, at one time we ran vBulletin, now we use invision power board. I would highly recommend for any type of hosting you would need.

    they also have a great reputation here at wht, and if you were to do a search for untied hosting here at wht, you would find alot of positive feedback.

    good luck!


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    Im lost with this one...

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    Originally posted by soapbath
    Im lost with this one...
    what do you mean by lost?

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