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    How do you upgrade bind ?

    I can't seem to find a cpanel script to do this and cpanel seems to be behind on bind upgrades so how do you update it, I know it has to be simple but I can't for the life of me figure it out (without messing cpanel things up)
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    You could remove the rpm for Bind. and then just do "up2date bind"

    I've done this on an RHEL machine. Don't know about other OS's. So I wouldn't try it on a different one.

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    Is it really neccessary to upgrade ? What are the pros and cons of upgrading
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    Less security wholes is the pros and I'm not sure about the cons
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    Upgrading always has the con of "it might break something that was working before." :)

    I don't think BIND 9's had any big exploits announced in quite a while... I'd recommend against upgrading it just for the heck of it.

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