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    order form

    Ok I have bought clientexec and im not happy with it at all, there are no addons fields which make it pretty much useless to me, also when the customer places the order he/she isn't taken to a payment page, they are just emailed an invoice.

    Can anyone recommend some form of order form script thats simple, I need paypal, cheque, worldpay support and the ability to provide custom fields.

    I will take the orders using that script and manually enter the customers into clientexec.


    Matthew Keen

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    Hi there Matthew, Clientexec is actually pretty powerful and does allow you to setup addon fields and also does allow you to forward the customer onto the payment page.

    You will find the option for addon fields at:

    admin->custom fields

    Also... to forward the customer to payment page at:

    admin->settings->signup->Foward to gateway.

    Hope this helps

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    Ahh, thanks I was just about to pay a coder to make me a custom order form, I did check though, clientexec doesn't yet support addons like "extra IP" etc but that will be added in version 1.3.

    Thanks for the help

    Matthew Keen

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    No Problem

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