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    Order form

    Ok I have bought clientexec and im not happy with it at all, there are no addons fields which make it pretty much useless to me, also when the custom places the order he/she isn't taken to a payment page, they are just emailed an invoice.

    Can anyone recommend some form of order form script thats simple, I need paypal, cheque, worldpay support and the ability to provide custom fields.

    I will take the orders using that script and manually enter the customers into clientexec.


    Matthew Keen

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    what is it you're selling, how will the information get to the orderform ? i.e. are you after more than simply the orderform, but a cart system ?
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    I got it sorted now, I posted it in 2 forums by accident

    my main problem with clientexec is that fast that you can't have addons such as "extra IP" etc which is a bit annoying as I have to manually invoice them.

    Im implementing Clientexec on the game server side of the business first and once its sorted ill use it on worldUK too.


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    Hi ,

    Please have a look into this URL :

    Hope this URL may help you to solve the problem.



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    I guess he meant WEB forms, as he mentions a SCRIPT, it would be useless to use that software and then try to convert those forms to web forms.

    Nice try to get a referral bonus LoL

    Originally posted by Brightadmin
    Hi ,

    Please have a look into this URL :

    Hope this URL may help you to solve the problem.


    Fabio A. Calderon

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    Hi WorldUK,

    I have developed such scripts which takes care of customizable fields, priced field

    ..actually the scripts has been developed specifically for gameservers...but I negative point is till now it works with paypal only...

    Thanks and regards

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