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    Very Cheap Domains !

    Ive collected this domains in the past and dont need/want them anymore. The price posted is the price you pay. No stats Available,paypal payments only. Im sure you can find some use for them. Price to high for you ? Let me know and we will talk.

    EV1 Domains
    RGCDNS.COM (Expires 11.19.2004) - Asking $2.00
    MyDedicatedRack.Com (Expires 12.20.2004) - Asking $4.00
    DaBandOnline.Com (Expires 8.25.2004) - Asking $7.00

    *Da Band domain is based on the MTV Show "Making the Band",the band featured in the show is "Da Band". Domain could most likely sell in a auction.

    GoDaddy Domains
    RGCHOST.COM (Expires 5.16.2004) - $3.00
    MyIBForum.Com (Expires 5.5.2005 - $5.00

    MyIBForum was registered just a few days ago,due to a partner backing out im selling the domain. The domain was going to be used to offer "Free Message Boards" that were instantly created with a script. IB stands for "Invision Board".

    PM me if you want any of them or want them cheaper !!


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    I'm intrested

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    RGCHOST.COM (Expires 5.16.2004) - $3.00


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