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    Super special offer!!!!!

    Economy Plan $24 a year
    200MB Diskspace
    4GB transfer per month
    2 mySQL databases[/B]

    Basic Plan $45.18 a year
    400MB Diskspace
    8GB transfer per month
    4 mySQL databases

    Standard Plan $84 a year
    800MB Diskspace
    16GB transfer per month
    8 mySQL databases


    Unlimited POP/IMAP/FTP
    Unlimited Subdomains
    Unlimited mail forwarding
    Catch All Email Addresses
    Web-based Email
    Sendmail SMTP Server
    Mailing List Server
    Spam Filters

    Ensim Pro 3.7 Redhat Enterprise
    Power Tool 1.5
    phpMyAdmin 2.5.3

    mySQL 4.0
    Password Protected directories
    Service side Includes
    FrontPage server Extensions 2002
    File Manager
    Web Statistics

    Pre-install Scripts
    Miva Merchant support
    Formmail PHP Script 5.0
    Gallery Photo Album Management System 1.4.1
    Invision Bulletin Board 1.3
    PHP Support Tickets 1.7
    PHP-Nuke Content Management System 7.0
    PHPOpenChat Chat System 3.0.0b7
    PHPlist 2.7.2
    PHProjekt 4.1.1
    PhpBB Bulletin Board 2.0.6
    PostNuke Content Management System
    osCommerce Online Store 2.2ms2
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    Good luck with your sales.

    I have been customer for almost 2 years. The reason why I changed was because (at that time 2002-2003) host4student didnt seem to listen to the customers voice.

    I dont like the policy that they are not resonsible for taking your backups etc. Also the interface was anything else than intuitive.

    But what annoyed me most was when I uploaded once a file (it was a mp3 file) for speedtesting it took exactly 40 sec. and my account was disabled.

    While I had to figure out what happened I found out later that they disabled the account. After a long discussion with sales they were so kind to offer me an account but this time on a windows machine because its policy that the account disabled by the script can not be recreated. Period.

    There was more to it, but anyway I didnt like the way they treat customers.

    Thats my 2 cent.
    __--- Nils Valentin ---
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