I know this has been discussed a thousand times on these forums and I did a search before posting. I just didn't find what I am looking for.

I am trying to back up a mysql database. It includes tables for three different programs, one of which is a banner serving program on a very active site. So those tables are being updated constantly.

Here's my problem. When I try to do a full backup from my shared host's control panel (not cPanel, I'm not sure what it is) I get a blank .sql file. Now when I try to backup only the tables that I know for sure are not being updated at that exact moment it works fine and dumps those tables to a file.

I've also tried mysqldump from within the shell and it says "command not found".

Could my problem be that the tables are being updated at the time that I am doing the backup? If I can't use mysqldump from within the shell, any ideas what else I could use?

Thanks in advance for your help.