InfoRelay Online Systems, Inc., a company that has offered quality hosting solutions since 1995, announces

What does offer?
We offer the lowest price around on 100 megabit per second, unmetered server connectivity.

This month's special:
[size=large]$2,495 for 100Mbps unmetered colocation (1U server)![/size]

Dedicated servers starting at $2,795/month!

See our specials page!

For that price, the quality can't be good!
While our pricing is extremely low, we don't skimp on quality. We offer a 99.99% network uptime guarantee. We provide intelligently-routed connectivity utilizing top-notch transit providers, such as Verio, Level(3), Global Crossing, and many others. These providers are blended via BGP4 and RouteScience hardware, lowering latency and providing an excellent platform for hosting streaming media applications and other applications that depend on quality, low-latency bandwidth.

Is your bandwidth "oversold" or "oversubscribed"?
No, we offer only non-oversold, non-oversubscribed bandwidth. We prefer to maintain clients for the long-term by providing high-quality, dedicated bandwidth. We do not utilize any hardware to limit speed of connectivity, nor is connectivity shared with any other client. We have the capacity from our end providers to accommodate simultaneous full usage of each 100Mbps pipe that we provide. Each client may max out his/her 100Mbps connection at once with no performance degredation.

How can you afford to offer such high quality at such a low price?
Over the past year, we've taken on a large number of clients in need of individual servers with 100Mbps unmetered connectivity. After providing service to these clients for several months, we were able to assess usage patterns, make very large commitments to our end providers (hence lowering our cost), and formulate a clear business plan which allows us to profitably cater to this market.

Which data center do you use?
We utilize Equinix IBX data centers for colocation and dedicated servers. Currently, all servers are installed at the Equinix location in Ashburn, VA (Washington, DC area). We also have some availability in California (pricing is slightly different, please contact us).

What types of materials are allowed?
While we do not allow IRC, pirated software, or "warez" hosting, we do allow legal adult content, software hosting and mirroring (open source or commercial). We kindly ask adult hosts to provide us with some documentation to prove the legality of site content. We expessly forbid any hosting of materials that are illegal in the United States and the various states in which we operate. This includes "kiddie porn" and any other pornographic materials exploiting anyone under the age of 18. Please see our "What's Legal" page for more information.

Do I really need 100 Mbps?
Whether or not you need 100 Mbps is something that you'll need to determine. If you'd like to contact us to discuss your needs, we encourage you to do so. In many cases, if you will need 50Mbps or more, you'll do better cost-wise by leasing a 100 Mbps Unmetered server from us!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post them here or PM me :-)