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    Renting Terminal Services/VNC account?

    Good Afternoon-

    I'm curious if it's possible to get a terminal services account at a system someplace, so play with windows on..

    I'd expect it to be CPU and Disk quotad, of course, but I'd be interested in renting an account to play little 2d games on, VNC'ed back to my machine here...

    I've got a new Linux box, and some of the games just don't run acceptably under WINE, and, beside that, I'd like the ability to log in from around the world

    Does such a thing exist, without renting an entire dedicated server?

    Thanks for any help or suggestions you can give..


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    Hi Colin,

    Yes you can rent terminal services from a service provider but the access your going to get is most likely very limited. Your also probably going to pay more than you want to for playing games, etc. I have seen it range from $30-$150/month per user depending on the disk space you need. Its a cool service. Some also use Citrix technology. Not sure of specific companies but i'm sure you can google "terminal services hosting"

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