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    i think i stumbled on something good

    hello i was told to come here and post for some help i just bought this recently deleted domain name and it rates pretty good on alexa i would post the alexa link but the forum wont allow me to do it yet and i was wondering how to go upon selling this and how much this is worth

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    You might get into legal troubles because the domain contains Yahoo.

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    Re: i think i stumbled on something good

    Originally posted by assault_host and it rates pretty good on alexa
    Alexa Traffic Rank for 3,762,639

    That is not good. With Alexa, the lower the number, the better. The name also has no Google PR, and only three links showing at MarketLeap from the major search engines. So it probably gets little (or no) traffic.
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    ahh ok thank you i thought that big numbers was good ill remember that the next time i search for deleted domains ty

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    Agree with everyone else. $0

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