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    A little bit stumped...


    I am writing an essay on whether technology is liberating or enslaving and was wondering if I could get some of your opinions...

    So far I have said that it is liberating because it promotes democracy (I.E. through Internet, news, print, etc.), it enhances conveniency, and communication. But there has got to be more than I was wondering what you think are some of the liberating/ or enslaving aspects of tech.

    In the end I am going to say that it is more liberating than enslaving.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Are you asking about technology in general or a specific field?

    For example, just off the top of my head, I can think of several mechanical technologies being liberating. Consider the invention of the wheel barrow. With a wheel barrow, one person can transport the load of 3 people. Of course, now they're expected to do more work, so it can be enslaving too.

    Then consider the invention of refrigeration technology. Now you don't have to live close to live meat source and you can stock food for a longer interval. Refrigeration frees people from the farms and allows for a heavier concentration of the work force to live deep in the cities.

    Of course, plastic - the material of the gods. Where would civilization be without plastic?
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    Wow... this is an EXCELLENT topic!

    hehe, I love writing (especially persuasive/expository)

    Well... are you allowed to argue both sides? Or do you have to stay true to one perspective?

    I believe that technology, while liberating is equally enslaving. As technology liberates us, from say the nuicances of daily life e.g. calculators, our arithmatic skills decrease as we rely on them (even though they save time). E-mail, for instance, while liberating us from the time it takes to send a conventional letter, enslaves us to its prowess and its speed. We become so dependent on technology that the world is rapidly approaching a situation where humans are almost entirely dependent on computers. While computers/technology liberate us and open doors to endless possibilities, our survival becomes increasingly dependent upon them. Imagine what a major power outage would do to us. Just look what happened during that major black-out in the summer. There is no doubt that we are enslaved by technology, as there is proof everywhere. Yet, as we look around us, there are many things that wouldn't be feasible without technology (e.g. traveling from country to country).

    If you must choose a side, I can't help you there. Personally I would argue that while it benefits, and equal and opposite side effect occurs.

    And that, my friends, is technology.

    Hope this helps.


    just thought of another thing

    A computer, while allowing you to comunicate with more people, may make you less sociable. Technology is one of the biggest paradoxs in and of itself.

    (I love big words like paradox )
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    Thanks for the replies guys,

    jyc: we are allowed to argue both sides, then say which we favor (or neither if be the case)... i totally agree with everything said...I think a big problem with technology (the enslaving part) is that we become too dependent on it (i.e. driving a car for instance)...our mindset favors less the alternatives available.

    anymore thoughts on this would be great.

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    Technology is only enslaving if you have nothing else to do. For example, right now if it was a nice day out I would ride my bike. Or because its not nice out I will just stay here on my computer and type away and get arthritis. However, if I decide to go outside and move my bike or just go outside anyway, I'll be away from my computer, and the technology won't be enslaving me. I can use this computer for positive use...therefore liberating. So it really only depends on the person's life...don't let yourself be enslaved, I'd say. It's a good thing to choose to argue. :-)

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