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    Thumbs down Aplus.Net...Your money at risk!

    I am interested to know how many other people have had the same dishonest service from Aplus.Net as I have had? stole my money!

    I signed up for a $200 per month Dedicated Server plus $200 set up fee. Aplus took the $400 and I got nothing. My control panel ddi not work, no one for Customer Support would talk to me and when they did I got arrogance and a dont care attitude.

    After one week of major frustration and lot's of yelling, I cancelled my order and demanded my money back. I got an email from a manager at Aplus advising my money would be refunded in full.

    After one week I got another email from Aplus Acoounts advising that I needed to give a 30 day notice. I lost my $200 for the first month and $200 for a setup which never happened and I NEVER got to use my Server.

    Since then no one from Aplus.Net will return my emails.


    Be very aware of Aplus.Net

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    It would be good if you could post proof

    Just a though

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    There is no need to post any proof about aplus. Their actions are very well known and even the BBB revoked their membership:

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    ask your credit card company/bank for a chargeback !!!!!

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    Originally posted by apollo
    ask your credit card company/bank for a chargeback !!!!!
    From what the BBB has to say about APlus, you better do a charge back asap. It appears they have a history of not resolving refunds.
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    My Moma always said...
    "Take any post with 'stole', 'thieves', and CAPS with a grain of salt."

    That having been said, I'd be inclined to beleive you. doesn't have the best reputation in the world here.

    One possibility is to contact your credit card company and explain what happened. They might be inclined to give you a refund if you can show that the service wasn't effectively delivered.
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