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    review of hasweb

    Hi guys

    I have 3 sites running with hasweb right now. One has been with them for nearly a year, one with them for 8 months, and one for 5 months. So I feel like I can give a pretty good review of them.

    Price: I use their basic package at $35/year. I actually got my first 2 sites at $20/year This includes 250 MB storage, and 5 GB transfer. To me these are fantastic prices.

    I have one site doing about 2.5 GB/month in traffic without a problem.

    Downtime: For the most part it has been excellent. My first two sites I have not seen down once. I don't have a tracker on them, but I check my sites a LOT and haven't even caught them down or had a problem.

    However, the third site has had a few problems. The past month or so I've been down probably 12 hours. That is a bit much for me, but I haven't been down for the past 2 weeks. They seem to have resolved their problems on that server. (Each of my sites is on a different server of theirs, they have like 18 or something)

    Customer support: I've used their tickets probably about 20 times total. I am very very impressed with their service. No response has taken longer than 4-5 hours. 80% are responded to within an hour. I am very impressed with their support for the price.

    They are also very patient, I've asked a few stupid questions and they quickly pointed me in the right direction.

    When the one site was recently down a bunch like I explained above, I contacted them a couple times and assured me they were working on it. Whenever I have contacted them about my site being down they have had it back up within 10 minutes.

    They even offered to refund my money after hosting them with 5 months since my site had been down. They were very professional through the whole thing.

    All in all I'm pretty impressed with them. I do use a few other hosts as well but haven't had nearly as much experience with them.

    I hope this helps someone, thanks.

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    At the rates you are paying for all the resources you are taking up, I wouldnt expect uptime, support and service to be around.

    at the $35.00 a year you are paying $2.91 a month.

    For your $20.00 a year you are paying $1.66 a month.

    Serious overselling IMHO

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    Thats good to hear

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    Most hosts do some form of overselling, and as you have not had a problem with any of your 3 accounts, it appears that this host has the right overselling formula and safeguards in place. Excellent review and may I say paying so little and getting so much would also make me a very happy camper.

    Hopefully those guys who run hasweb up their prices if they are indeed providing A quality support and service.
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    Serious overselling for that price I would believe. But over-all if your happy where you are, then this is all the matters. Happy host and a happy client what a beautiful relationship. Not seen here to much.

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    I had problems earlier due to hacking of my account bit it's very good going now,no downtime till yet

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