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    Arrow Bilingual spanish&english - Looking for a remote hosting support position

    I am looking for a remote hosting support position.

    Bilingual spanish & english.

    I have good experience with WHM/CPanel, php, perl, mysql, postgresql, etc. & aware of all of the Cpanel issues.

    Support via:
    * e-mail
    * live chat
    * ticket support (perlbill, etc.)
    * IRC (server:, #hosting, nick: FastServe, /msg me) - IRC is way better than ICQ/AIM/etc.

    Payment (PayPal only):
    Option A - base rate of pay per week
    Option B - per ticket basis

    I'm located in Europe (GMT+1 time)
    Mark Doyle - [email protected]
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    I would love to have you join me, but I'm not to fond of cpanel and I choose to use ensim. If you don't mind learning ensim I would love to hear from you, please send me your resume via pm. Thanks in advance.
    Benoît Brookens III
    President - Dataracks, Inc. | Ultra-Reliable Hosting.™

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