Hi all,

I am the webmaster for a website dedicated to the advancement of online text games. In order to expand the focus of the website, I am looking for affiliates to place a text link on each of their pages, pointing to mudmagic.com. In exchange, I will place your link on over 35,000 of our pages. We currently hold a decent search engine rating, and receive over 1,200,000 hits/month.

MudMagic has been designed from the start with web search engines in mind. Through url management and strict code adherance, search engines find the spidering and cacheing of the site simple. Google and Inktomi are amongst the most popular search engines that cache the site regularly.

I ask that the website being linked to contain some aspect of what MudMagic focuses on. We are focused on online text gaming. Providing game forums, polls, game lists, text game server code downloads, text game focused hosting, and a few other areas. Visit the website for more details.

If interested, a simple request form will place your info in unapproved status at:

I do not require email contacts or any point of contact information for this link back exchange. The link to your site on all of our pages will remain as long as a link to MudMagic remains on each of your pages.

Thank you for your time,
Calvin "Kyndig" Ellis
webmaster: http://www.mudmagic.com/