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    * Great Deal, 750,000 daily hits, banner on a in-site popup - CHEAP!!

    1 ad spot (600 x 90) in a popup window from April 15th for one (1) month (April 15th until May 15th), bids starting at $35 USD, highest bidder wins, NOT rotated

    have to partially cover the cost of the new server so this is going to go fast


    description: we are one of the largest game cheating communities on the internet, providing our users with a friendly place to ask questions, get computer related technical support and chat. We are now on a new, faster server.

    uniques/day: 9,248 maximum / 5,644 average

    hits/day: 1,286,194 maximum / 925,483 average

    most of the people that visit our site are from the United States of America

    screenshots of stats page for the month of March (just moved server that month): - general stats - daily stats - hourly stats - stats by country

    and screenshots of stats page for the month of April (up till April 7th, today ): - general stats - daily stats - hourly stats - stats by country

    We are offering ad space (1 ad 600 x 90) on the "register now" popup window.
    This popup window shows up to every guest or logged out user, this makes up 3/4 of our daily unique visits so basically your ad will be shown to 5,000 uniques daily and get around 750,000 hits daily.
    Not only that, this popup is dhtml meaning that it cannot be disabled by most popup blockers, or firewalls. Also for guests it will show up on every page they visit and every thread they read as the popup code is placed in the header/footer of the forum template.
    This popup will stay up for 20 seconds and follow the users scrolling (go up or down depending on where they go) it cannot be closed manually and only closes once those 20 seconds are up.

    There will only be 1 ad space on this popup and the ad will NOT be rotated.

    This is the screenshot of the popup window, the banner that says " forum" is the one that is going to be replaced by the ad banner:

    if you have any further questions please feel free to either post here, email me, or send me a PM
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    I'll bid $35.
    Dan Grossman - dan @
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    okay, I'm keeping bids open till the 10th, so.... if noone else bids you get it on the 10th and I'll put up the banner as soon as it is sent (after the 10th) so you might get a few more days extra

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    must say is a great way to advertise but is a bit of a pain

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    hrm I don't really see why it's a pain, care to explain, perhaps it will help me to work out any bugs in the future

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