Im working on several intranet sites at my work and im having problems with MS Access connections.

Any of the new apps i build are now using PHP/mysql
but some of the older ones use ASP/access PHP/access.

I'm getting the following error somtimes:
Warning: (null)(): Invoke() failed: Exception occurred. Source: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers Description: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Too many client tasks.
restarting the server or all of IIS will fix the problem, but this is not easy, lots of the intranet programs are tied into IIS and the server so restarting is a BIG pain for everyone.

I know Access has issues with too many connections and is not meant to be a 'server' database solution, but this is what im dealing with, wont have time to re-write the code too mysql for sometime.

To the best of my knoledge i am closing the connections in the PHP script. (using DNS-Less connection)
$result = null;
$conn = null;

So i dont know why this happens, there arn't too many people accessing the intranet at one time here. im wondering if there is a better way to close the connection. Or if i can somehow view the open connections.