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    problem with boxedart

    I have a question to everyone who has account with boxedart. I have their account since 22 january 2004, and get access to their template for one year. Everything going fine and i can download many template until yesterday. I get the following message when try to download their template

    You are logged in as XXXXXX
    Your current status is "pending approval". All accounts must undergo a thorough fraud review. You will be contacted if further information is necessary.

    is this normal ? .. i've submitted 2 tickets yersterday, and still no single answer from them until now ..


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    Still works fine for me.
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    I've been a happy customer for over two years now. Apart from those attacked they suffered some time ago I have nothing else to say, they gave me what was promised, no fraud reviews or anything similar.
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    so strange ..what happen to my account ?
    do they suspect me for CC fraud ? .. if yes, they should review me, once before they charge my CC or before they allow me to have their account ..

    and why 2 tickets without response ???
    what should i do, dont advice me to call them, i'm in europe ...

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    i send the 3rd tickets, hopefully they answer my ticket quickly (3rd ticket in two days). Their live chat always seems to offline too.
    any suggestion will much appreciate

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    This makes no sense.
    You get that message right after you sign up, they review all accounts for fraud, once they confirmed that they got paid and there is no fraud they activate the account and the error goes away.

    it didnt go away for me for 24hours so I emailed them and got an answer in under an hour saying that there was a mix up regarding the email address I signed up with and that everything is ok now. and it was.

    my suggestion?
    wait for them to reply to your email.

    and calm down.
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    yes websterworld, it is so strange, i am pretty sure, the error is in their part. but why it takes so long to answer the tickets or just mail me back that there are some error or they're working on it... not good i thinks ... i can calm down .. and still waiting ..

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    Your account was turned off because you were found to be illegally reselling materials directly from your website. This is an issue that we have been waiting for a response from our legal department for. This not an appropiate discussion for these forums.

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