i've got a script that i use with xchat2, that reports what i'm listening to to the irc channel in a form of /me listens to $songname .

here is that script:


use Xmms::Remote ();

IRC::register ("XMMS-node", "1.0", "", "");

IRC::add_command_handler("xmms", "xmms_handler");

$xmms_remote = Xmms::Remote->new();

sub xmms_handler {
  $title = $xmms_remote->get_playlist_title;
  $title =~ s/_[^_]*_[^_]*_/ - /;
  IRC::command("/me listens to $title");
  return 1;
i want to expand the capabilities of this script to report on what the length of the song, as well as my current point while listening to the song.

The ideal script would print out the data in this form:

/me listens to artist - whatever song [1:50/5:75]

Any help you could provide would be appreciated, if you have a completely different script that can provide the functionality that i want, then just post it and i'll copy and paste and create it using vi.

Thanks a bunch.