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    Lightbulb Looking for directory scripter - paid

    I am looking for a directory script that will offer me a general directory, in the end similar to Dmoz.

    A few features and some I don't are below

    The script must run using PHP and MySQL

    It must have a fairly simple layout (no columns etc.) like they have on Dmoz. I can style and design it myself.

    It must be able to accomodate unlimited categories, and subcategories as deep as I like. (probs no more than 10)

    If possible using mod_rewrite category pages could be in html (not required as a necessity though, but would be good)

    All links must be spiderable, and I do not want link counters, voters or anything like that. Just plain links as in <a href="">Link</a>

    I must be able to specify related categories in the admin section

    It must be coded so I can easily add to it, e.g. a possibility of adding a search for the search term on so and so search engine. Therefore I will be requiring a search engine in it as well. Nothing special though, only searches title and description.

    There is no need for any keyword entry in the add page section

    A suggest category page

    Editors, some able to do a whole category, some subcategories and perhaps specified levels e.g. not able to edit urls?

    Paid listings, ranked at the top on each page perhaps with a star next to it. Possibility to buy these on add site page with PayPal integration.

    No second page for the links, they all must be on one page.

    I think that is it, might be a few more. If there is a script out there like this, then I would be grateful to hear. As I said, no fancy extras, all links must be spiderable.

    If there isn't something out there like this, then it would be cool if somebody could code it for me, I will be willing to pay, and I can negotiate on this via PM.



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    Ed can we talk live via an instant messaging program, or phone?

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