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    SUPERB SERVERS: Servers from $59/m ; 35% Reseller Discounts ; $1575/m 100Mb/s unlt'd

    SuperbServers, known for its renowned line of quality, affordable servers, and backed by one of the industry's oldest and most reputable hosts Superb Internet Corp., is now more affordable than ever!

    Special server pricing starting at $59/month:

    Note that quantities of the special discounted servers are limited and tend to go quickly.

    Best of all, we are offering extremely attractive discounts on all SuperbServers to Resellers - get our superior dedicated servers at greatly discounted prices (up to 35%). The more servers you resell, the greater the discounts (only available to approved Resellers). For further details, please see:

    Our regular SuperbServer options are:

    Standard (from $89/month)
    - Celeron/2.4 Ghz
    - 512MB RAM
    - 80GB drive
    - 500GB/m quality traffic

    Plus (from $109/month)
    - P4/2.4Ghz
    - 512MB RAM
    - 80GB drive
    - 750GB/m quality traffic

    Pro (from $239/month)
    - DUAL XEON/2.4Ghz (OS sees it as 4 CPUs - quad CPU)
    - 1024MB DDR RAM, upgradeable to 4GB
    - 2 x 80GB drives
    - 1000GB/m quality traffic

    Coming soon: RAID-1 option for ALL servers!

    OS: RHL, Fedora, FreeBSD and Windows 2000/2003

    Alse we offer Ensim WebAppliance (all versions) for Windows & Linux, plus cPanel/WHM for Linux & BSD are available. For pricing, options, and more details, see:

    Test server (traceroutes, test downloads, etc.):

    At this time, we also offer the $1000/month discount off for the first month of 100 Mb/s unlimited traffic port. To recap that offer, --

    We offer two unique options for such high-traffic servers (>10 Mb/s):

    Option 1: $2645 - $2745 per month (depending on server hardware; for one server only) for a dedicated unlimited traffic 100 Mb/s port. Guaranteed 100 Mb/s throughput 24x7 (on a 2 Gb/s uplinked switch with less than 20 customer servers on it). Excellent value -- top quality bandwidth for only $26.45/Mbps!

    Option 2: $1575 per month for an unlimited traffic 100 Mb/s port shared with 1 or 2 other customers (2-3 customers per port total). This service is recommended for customers which have less than 35 Mb/s peak traffic and are looking for a more affordable solution and do not need full 100 Mb/s burst capacity (though the capacity is there, presuming the other(s) are not using it). Note, however, that throughput here is not guaranteed (though the other customers on it, too, are encouraged to have <35 Mb/s traffic), as it is a shared port. Note that this option is not featured on our site; to order it, you will need to contact us.

    Also, to answer the most frequently asked question, the bandwidth provided is top quality, connecting directly to all the following networks:
    Accretive Networks
    Advanced Telecom Group
    Allegiance Internet
    Black Oak
    Blue Stream
    British Telecom (Ignite)
    Bungi Communications
    China Telecom
    COLT Telecom
    Comindico Australia
    Cox Cable
    ED Net (UK)
    Electric Lightwave
    Electronic Arts
    Elisa / Kolumbus (FinNet)
    Emirates Telecom
    Energy Sciences Network (ESnet)
    EUnet Finland
    EWE Telecom
    FLAG Telecom
    Global Access Telecom (GATel)
    Global Innovations
    Global Naps
    Group Telecom / 360 Networks
    HiNet (Chunghwa Telecom)
    Host Centric
    Hurricane Electric
    Ibis 7 / WV Fibre
    ICC Internet
    Infonet (
    Init 7
    Internet Initiative Japan
    Internet Solutions
    ISC (Root Name Servers)
    Japan Telecom
    Jupiter Hosting
    Kidz Online
    Korea Telecom
    Limelight Networks
    Merit Network
    Microsoft / MSN
    Mobilcom CityLink
    Mzima Networks
    Netifice Communications
    New Edge Networks
    OneCall Internet
    Optigate Networks
    Packet Clearing House
    Peer 1
    Plus Line
    Primus Canada
    Primus Telecommunications
    QSC AG
    Rogers Cable
    San Mateo Regional Network
    SeedNet Taiwan / Digital United
    Singapore Telecommunications
    Spectrum Access
    Stealth Communications
    Swisscom Enterprise Solutions / IP Plus
    TDS Telecom
    Telecom New Zealand
    Telefonica Data
    Telenor Nextra
    Telewest Broadband
    Tellurian Networks
    Thorn Communications
    Time Warner Telecom
    TW Gate (Chunghwa Telecom)
    Ultra DNS
    UPC (Aorta - Chello)
    Webair Internet
    WebEx Communications

    The superior national coast-to-coast network spans many states (New York, Maryland, DC, Virginia, Illinois, and California) and major cities and thus has direct peering with most of the large ISPs/cable/DSL providers and major National and International networks/backbones (see above). This is a great advantage, as you will enjoy direct connectivity to these major networks and their customers (no intermediary transit networks), which means greater performance and lower latency.

    Reference: Contact us for reference client contact details. We have some clients that can be contacted as a reference in regards to performance of our network for high-bandwidth, latency-sensitive, high-performance use, as well as our 100% uptime.

    Superb Internet Corp., the parent company of Superb Servers, has been in business since June of 1996 and has won more awards than any other web hosting company -- ever. Come and find out for yourself why. You will find the value of our service - our network and total committment to customer satisfaction -unsurpassed.

    Yours truly,
    Superb Internet Sales Team

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    Hey! I would highly recommend this company. There support is absolutely amazing to deal with and very quick to respond to any question that I had. Visit their site and go to the live help, they are great to talk to and are willing to work with you.

    *Not affiliated with them in anyway.
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    Thumbs up SuperbServers.Net Re-seller Program - Review

    I have been with SuperbServers.Net as a re-seller for a few months now and I wanted to wait a few months before I posted anything here at

    My experience with Superb has been and is very convincing. We started out with 1 server and the reason we decided to join their re-seller program is due to their ability to deliver and I mean, deliver BIG TIME. Their re-seller program is very simple. We get unique discounts, as we are a qualified re-seller, fast support (and I mean, I get a quote within minutes and a fast resolution also within minutes to all my tech related issues). I am a busy entrepreneur and having this level of support makes my life very simple, I have a problem and right away I talk to my Account Manager/Support Representative and everything is solved FAST.


    100% - extremely reliable.


    Top notch, answers within minutes, great people to work with.


    I enjoy unique discounts (as a qualified re-seller) and the price is very fair, my dedicated business has grown exponentially since I started working with them.

    Re-seller Agreement: I would highly recommend it, I have a reputable company in Florida and I add quite a lot of value to the table, therefore my offers are in a way, unique.

    So far so GOOD! and I would like to thank you Superb for all your hard work, professionalism and outstanding support.

    Keep it up.

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    form mail doesnt work.

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    Originally posted by Eyes4U
    form mail doesnt work.
    I am not sure what do you mean by this... ?

    If you mean , it works just fine. I just verified.

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    Are there any $59 servers left? coz I checked there're nothing left.

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    Those do tend to go very quickly and when one or a few become available sell quickly, but there are still a bunch of $64/m ones left...

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    Just apply to be reseller. Hope approval comes fast. We Will push more sales now to dedicated servers in our country.

    Their network and support are good. We have been with them for 2 months.

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    I just noticed that in the original post, we had mistakenly still quoted our old standard configurations. Those are no longer offered (now are offered as discounted specials) and our current standard configurations are:

    Standard (from $89/month)
    - P4/2.4Ghz
    - 512MB RAM
    - 80GB drive
    - 500GB/m quality traffic

    Plus (from $109/month)
    - P4/3.06Ghz (OS sees it as 2 CPUs - dual CPU)
    - 512MB RAM
    - 120GB drive
    - 750GB/m quality traffic

    Pro (from $239/month)
    - DUAL XEON/2.8Ghz (OS sees it as 4 CPUs - quad CPU)
    - 1024MB DDR RAM, upgradeable to 4GB
    - 120GB drive
    - 1000GB/m quality traffic

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    Do you do for the Dual Xeon,

    - 2GB RAM
    - SCSI 36GB drive for the primary and a 80gb IDE for backup?

    If yes, what does the cost look like?
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    For SCSI based servers, you will need to look at
    (note: they can be combined with $99/m 500GB/m value colo instead if that is what you prefer, vs premium ALC or SCS service)

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    It comes up to be almost 1.5K/month based on that setup. Even if you take away the SCS or ALC, it's still above 1K and almost 500 in setup. I will probably have to pass on that then. Thanks for your time.
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    I am not sure how are you getting that. That is impossible.

    With reference to:

    C-200402 server (2.8 Ghz dual CPU XEON), w/ 2GB DDR RAM, 36GB Seagate SCSI drive, 80GB Seagate EIDE 2nd drive is $410/month.

    If you add 500GB/m value colo, that's $509/month.

    Note that this is for a rackmount server of a higher grade than the dual CPU SuperbServers one. This is using brand-name Crucial RAM, Intel E7501 chipset board, and is upgradeable to 16GB (vs 4GB for SLS Pro server board).

    At $1.5K/month, you can get three such servers including value colo.
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    I must have click something wrong. I will try again...
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