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    Question ClientExec Documentation/Help?

    Greetings everyone!

    I'm unlurking now to ask a question (typical!). So far, I've really found everything I've read on here to be VERY helpful.

    I've been trying for several days to get some documentation and/or help in using ClientExec to it's fullest potential. I purchased my copy through Midphase/Autica, and have not gotten any response from either their or ClientExec's boards, complete silence from ClientExec support, and a "Go talk to ClientExec" response from Midphase/Autica. I'm a pretty patient guy, and it has been serveral days, but I really just want to make sure that I set everything up right the first time here. I'm not a complete idiot...most of ClientExec is pretty self-explanatory, but I'd like to see some information on how others use it, what it's like from a customer experience, and generally some tips on making it do what i need it to do.

    Again, I really appreciate what everyone here is doing to communicate and provide information, and big thanks in advance for any insight into this!!!

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    Perhaps post what issues you're having? That way we can help. Not much we can do when you're not asking for specific help as ClientExec has a lot of features.


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    It's not so much that I had any specific issues, it's that I wanted to get a good, solid overview of the product and it's features as I was going through the setup.

    Yes...I'm one of those documentation readers. *lol*

    What I finally got from ClientExec was, in a nutshell: "Pay for support, THEN we'll talk to you...and oh...there IS no documentation."

    So, after reading the board here, I'm mulling over giving Modernbill a try instead. They were very quick to get back to me...and have GREAT documentation.

    But, I guess in the end I can't complain TOO much...ClientExec did come free with my account...and you get what you pay for sometimes, eh?

    Thanks again!

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    Clientexec is a SOLID system, weve been using it for quite a while and im pretty pleased with it.

    We did try out modernbill and it was very nice, The gripes i had was that it was a little clunky and a little slow... also there is no real customization of the order forms and its a little long that most customers give up half way (Yes i did do my research )

    With Clientexec we have 2 steps + forward to the gateway... cant beat that really, Enter domain, enter information, pay.

    I do admit that clientexecs license reseller system (license you got from autica) needs to be brushed up a bit and also maybe a lot more documentation on what needs to be set up.

    Most of it is pretty straight forward i agree with you, but sometimes even i have a small incline that i may not have set something up right although with the amount of signups we have processed through it, it definately seems to be working OK

    Id be happy to help on any issues you have with the software or anything your not sure of setting up as, after working with it for quite a while, i know most of it like the back of my hand lol.

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    Wow...thanks for the great reply. I'm really starting to like this board! *lol* Well, I'll take your advice and give it a try today, before I go nuts installing something else.

    One thing I would like to know is what is this like from a client, are there any items to pay particular attention to when setting it up to make their experience more palatable? Also, any upfront "gotchas" to look out for would be great! Last thing is are there any options available to process EFT or e-checks? That's kind of important here. I'd love to find a module for it.

    Thanks again!
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    I've been using CE for a while now as well. It's a "OK' product. Solid for sure, but severly lacking in more advanced features and development time is veeeeery long for getting new features. Just food for thought. For me it's fine for the most part as I'm not a large host with 1000's of clients..if I was, I would not be using CE I don't think.

    - Lack recurring billing for most common payment systems like Paypal and 2CO. Has it for Paysystems and merchant accounts.

    - Billing clients for multiple accounts is a pain. No Reseller support.

    - While setup of plans, etc is very flexible, that's also a drawback IMHO.

    - No CRON support, so you need to log in daily and run the billing script to produce the invoices. This should have been something that was basic IMHO. I know some ppl say this is no big deal, and with some large clients who have billing everyday, it's may not be, but with a small host who has scatterred billing days (some with some without), it becomes another tedious task that must be remembered and if you forget, you can get behind, etc.

    But all in all, it's a solid product, never had it crash, lose data, or fail to do what I asked it to do. Alberto support has been good for the most part and is maturing daily IMHO.

    Just wish they would step up the timetable to something other then a crawl.

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    Intregrating Clientexec to my site

    Dear all,

    I am having difficulties understanding Clientexec's documentations about how to integrate the software to my existing website. Can you please help?

    "Customization of ClientExec
    A great feature of ClientExec, is the ability to integrate the login, and signup script into your existing site layout. ClientExec makes use of a template system that can be found in your /clientexec/templates/Raleigh directory. Raleigh is the default template for ClientExec. To integrate the signup and login into your site, please follow these simple instructions below.

    Decide on an area of your site that you wish your login/signup to be. Open the HTML/PHP code for your layout, i.e., for a layout similar to this:

    o <Miscellaneous code here><table><tr>
    o <td> where you want ClientExec to go </td>
    o </tr></table>
    o <more code here>

    All markup before where you want ClientExec to go should be placed into your signup_header.tpl and login_header.tpl files. Please keep the existing code that references the JavaScript in place.

    All markup after where you want ClientExec to go should be placed into your signup_footer.tpl and login_footer.tpl files.

    After doing the above, your login and signup scripts should now be integrated into your existing site layout."

    Specifically, what do I need to put in my current webpage? Let's assume I have a page called signup.php and I want to load Clientexec's signup script within one of the tables on signup.php page.

    And, what does Clientexec mean by the 2 paragraphs about the markup before/after where you want Clientexec to go..

    Thanks a lot.

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    Thank you. Got this one resolved. =)

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    Nice one . Glad to see you got it resolved.

    Thats the ClientExec FAQ, if you didnt know.

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