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    Template design tutorials


    I would like to try to learn to make my own templates and wondered if anyone knew of any good tutorials for it pls?


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    There's a few at

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    Some really good tutorials at and, but they don't tell you how to make templates, they give you tutorials on how to make items that go one layouts and templates. One more thing, the tutorials give you ideas. Nobody can teach creativity, it is something you have to develop. Mostly I say you should try to see what side of your brain you use. If your right sided, making a template would be no problem if you' re left sided (brain not hand) it would be harder. Sometimes listening to music gets you creative. Do anything that is relaxing and doesnt make you think anylotically. If you think anylotically, it will be harder to come up with a design. Matt

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    I think you should just buy books about the 'standard' (web)design software. First you need wings to fly if you know i mean. Learn the software basics, use some tutorials for special effects you want to achieve and get starting.

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    Templates make good money these days

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