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    Need postnuke theme (heavily adapted is fine)

    I run a small family website just using postnuke and would like some help getting a cool postnuke theme going.

    Since its completely non-commercial/non-profit, I dont see a problem in just adapting one of the free themes out there, but I'd like something cool and unique..

    Being a for-fun family website I dont have a crazy budget, but if someone with postnuke theme experience could help out I could probably contribute $100 or so for pizza

    I'd like it to be non-fixed with if possible. Design keywords are trendy and cool. I'm not assuming I can get a neat flash-somthing for it, but if I can all the better

    Please include a link to a portfolio if you have one as well as a note on your experience with the *nuke systems.

    You can also email me at mikael (at) as well as PM here.


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