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    Suggestions on which payment processor would be good for me

    Hey guys,
    Looking for a new credit card processor that allows me to charge x amount of dollars today (as per my php script sometimes known as a setup fee, depending on the processor) and then have the reoccuring fee happen on the 1st of each month.

    I am Canadian so I need a company for us Canadians, preferably low rates with a setup fee (or high rates with no setup fee). Anything will help but I need to be able to process x amount today and then the full amount on the first like I can do in paypal.

    I looked at mypaysystems but it has their name written over it too much so I am looking for something else with less cc processor ads...

    Any suggestions? 2checkout doesn't fit my first need so please dont suggest it.

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    You can ask Paysystems for a "true" merchant account. The other option, you can also check out PSIgate.

    The banking system up there is getting a little more lax, more processors will be able to support Canada soon.

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    Beyond PaySystems or PSIGate, there aren't many options for Canadian merchants unless you setup directly with Moneris, etc.

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