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    * Need a games reviewer?

    Hey there!
    Something a little different now instead of applying for a webhosting job, lol, instead to become a games reviewer. (I've seen posts requesting them so I think they are allowed!)

    Well, as you have probably guessed I would like to become a games reviewer. I play games a LOT during my spare time. I am a particular fan of the sims, the simpsons and other sim games.

    My favourite genre of games is really sim (god) games, "cartoon" games, racing... well all of them, except I'm not that keen on fighting games (such as street fighter) though I do play them sometimes.

    I speak 100% near perfect english, I think my spelling and grammer is nearly correct, if not perfect. (Of course, I would check that after).

    I am chatty, though I can get information across about the game and the most important points about it.

    I have a sample of my work when I did a review for The Sims : Makin Magic last year.
    You can find it or if you PM me, I can send you a WORD copy to your e-mail.

    The look of the review (lay out) on my site is not that good, but of course the text/actual review should only be looked at, not that layout.

    Regarding the job, it does not have to be paid, and review copies, while lovely and would help a lot arn't necessary needed. (I try to get games often, though sometimes that is not possible for obvious reasons ... money! lol), so review copies while good, not necessary.

    I can review XBOX, PC and GBA games.
    If you could offer a job I would be very greatful.

    If you want to contact me or find more information, please PM me, reply to this post, email me at [email protected] or add me on msn messenger at [email protected] (Other IM's can be sorted if need be).

    Thanks for taking your time in reading this!

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    World of gaming would be pleased to have you join our site..

    I've added you to MSN, so we can have alittle chat.

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    heh, crap! mrsam was quicker than me in posting, hehe

    Best of luck =)

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    I don't want to crap in his thread but if he has a job i wouldn't mind also finding a game review job if any are left.

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    I have some games I need reviews of, no idea at all if they are any good, hence the need for a review. You will get to keep the games also. PM if interested.

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    God damnit!

    I hate you all -_-
    I specialize in neck beards
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