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    * ValueWeb are they good???

    I am in search of a dedicated server and this new offer from valueweb seems attractive.

    1000 GB transfer

    Before that I have some questions people.

    1. Do they really have a good uptime?
    2. How is the support?

    Any previous experience with the company?

    what you think?


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    I have heard some good things about this company. I think it's worth trying for that price

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    Valuweb isn't considered a "main stream" company for dedicated hosting but for $59 you really can't lose.

    If you intend on using it for a business I would test it for a month or so before putting clients on it though.

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    I didn't see cPanel, but Ensim Basic is there for free.
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    i have 3 valueweb servers the network is very stable in the last 6months had about 1hr downtime if that, the support pretty well sucks on the other hand, it can be hard to get ahold of them and the setup they have for support is very bad but for $59 or any of their servers they are absolutly great prices to be on a network that stable. Also that 1000gigs is outgoing only they dont measure incoming or at least didnt last time I checked not checked in a while.

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    thank you all.

    just qurious about what internet connections you people are using now (pc internet DSL,Dialup,cable etc).

    what kind of minimum bandwidth you people that I should have on my pc to handle a dedicated server.

    thanks again.

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