I have a client with a weather website that uses a perl program called hw3.cgi (HAM weather) and it requires GD.pm Perl module - I have installed that - but it also requires free type font support: I get this error when a test is done:

True Type Font test failed.
The following error was reported: libgd was not built with FreeType font support
This error will need to be resolved before you can use TTF support.

How do I do this - GD.pm is a Perl module that uses the libgd library. I re-installed the libgd library with freetype font support - but it doesn't seem to have fixed problem. I was wondering since I installed the Perl GD.pm module using the WHM "Install Perl Modules" that because there is no control over config settings of these installs - WHM automates it - could this be why free type fonts are missing? - WHM misses it?

How do I manually install the Perl GD lib with Freetype font support? Anyone?