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    * My Review With Seraphex

    I have been with for just a few months, so I thought I'd do a review of these months with them.

    As soon as I signed up with, I started to monitor my websites' uptime using SiteUpTime. So far my website has been 100% up. This is a great start though.

    They have been excellent. I didn't have any problem with their service.

    I believe I am getting awesome value for my money.

    So far I couldn't be happier in choosing these guys. I'd definitely recommend them to people after a reseller type plan.

    Thanks Guys,
    Keep up the good work Seraphex!

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    I am with Seraphex too and all I can say about Scooter and his small team is good stuff....

    The uptime as stated has been 100% and the speed on the servers is awesome.....The price is in the average price range and you get some awesome features too......

    Support is fast.....submit a ticket and get an answer in a few hrs or sooner (depends if Scooter is on or not). But this company is an excellent one to be with and I am glad I chose them to be my reseller host....

    Keep up the good work guys......
    Luke Moran
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    Thanks, both of you for your kind comments. We wouldn't be able to provide such good services without having good clients like yourselfs and all of our other ones.

    We strive very hard to offer good support and customer service. We know its a very competitive market out there.

    Again thank you, and we are glad you chose us.

    Scooter Harris

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