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Thread: Modern Bill =(

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    Modern Bill =(

    Hi All,
    I have just got ModernBills 30 day demo and can't seem to validate the licence or login =(

    I have read poor reports on their support and I am having no luck either.

    Has anyone any experience with them? Any ideas would be great...


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    You have to install it in the specific directory you signed up for, otherwise it won't authenticate.

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    Thanks for the info. I only supplied a domain when I signed up, I didn't specify a sub-folder or anything....

    I have this on the validation page:
    "Install Domain to Validate:
    Member's Area Email Address:
    Member's Area Password:

    When I copy and paste the sign up info it doesn't work...Also when I try to log into the "Members area" this doesn't work either...=(

    It seems like they didn't add my email address to their list or something....

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    Ah ha!
    I have fixed it. it didn't like to "www" in the domain name.

    Thanks for the help you were right.

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