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    Has anyone had any experiences with them, whether positive or negative? Findmy Hosting gives some excellent reviews, and the example hosted sites are convincing, but I wanted to do some further research before going with them. WHT search doesnt turn up anything. TIA.

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    I have been with them for two months. I consider pilohost a good company although it has its share of little problems sometime.

    1) customer service
    Pro: good altitude, all responses are within 24 hours.
    Con: not as experienced as I hoped in system setups for emails (mailing list) and programming/scripts.

    2) machine
    Connection speed-wise is ok, but my uptime in the past three weeks is just 99.06%.

    3) I had some DNS problems at the beginning, but it is getting better and is quite stable now.

    4) Email service occasionally is problematic. It happened two weeks ago that I sent out an email CC to a few different addresses, but none of them received it ( I am pretty sure it was a problem in pilothost email server, not the receiver's side). Fortunately, it is the only case that I observed so far.

    Bottom line, pilothost is a good but new company. If you do not have mission critical website to host and have a little pationce to grow up with them, it's definitely a good host and a great bargain.
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    Thank you for your review handreach. This has helped me a lot and I hope it has helped other people

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